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BLK, by Ben Vanik (@benvanik)

THIS IS NOT MINECRAFT. This is my 20% project attempt at creating a fully modifiable multiplayer voxel world in JS that can run efficiently in the browser and learning what the pain points are in doing a project of this scale. It's just a tech demo of a high-fidelity 100% JavaScript game. Enjoy it for what it is!

> Run Locally (reset map)

> Join Multiplayer as
Connect: join

Public Servers (NOT RUN BY GOOGLE!):

> Run a Server

Use Chrome 23+ or Canary for the full experience!

Firefox 17+ works (poorly - lots of missing features)

  • WSAD keys to move around
  • Click and drag the mouse to change the view
  • Number keys or mouse wheel to change the current block type
  • Left click to place a block of the current type
  • Right click or ctrl-click to remove a block
  • Alt-enter to toggle fullscreen mode/mouse lock
  • O to change options (like your name)
  • T to chat
For the best controls run in Chrome or fullscreen Firefox!


TODO: videos/screenshots/etc for those who can't run it


I wanted to do something productive with my 20% time at Google. I've been preaching that the web is finally ready for real games, so I figured I'd try to make one. This is the result. Heavy inspiration comes from Mojang, of course: Minecraft is cool, but more importantly it's technically difficult to get running well, especially in the browser.

All of the code for this project, including the voxel world client and server, the game framework, and the build system used to produce the final output are all open sourced. I'll be continuing to develop the game framework and build system, and if I have time throw some more features into this demo (like real gameplay, for example). Feel free to fork! Have fun!

Interested in the tech?


Build system (powering the whole thing): anvil-build

Low-level web games framework: games-framework

The BLK demo code itself: blk-game


This demo was conceptualized and coded by @benvanik as a 20% project at Google, and is all copyright Google 2012.

Sound effects and punched bricks by Sean Dunn.

UI icons by @KM_Alexander.

The font is Volter (Goldfish). The bitmaped font used in the game itself is Lord Nightmare/IBM's EGA Font (from The Dwarf Fortress Wiki).

Textures are from The Painterly Pack, copyright Rhodox.

The awesome music is Knuck Beatz's So Many Blocks, So Little Time (Minecraft Soundtrack).